Camp Nikos Fall Retreat '07

by Cheryl on September 30, 2007

There is no doubt that God was at work this weekend! 45 children experienced His love ( “Kingslove” from our theme stories in Tales of the Kingdom) through volunteer teen leaders, purposeful music, wholesome meals, and truth from His Word.

Our Lord is no hum-drum boring character…. He allows us to pray into a climax of life’s complications until we are acutely aware of our need and dependence on His love. He is then The Compassionate Hero, weaving details together in a way and a timing beyond our expectation and comprehension. He is mighty to save!

Despite an attempt to cripple our core leadership with a painful stomach virus and an alarming lack of male counselors until the day before we began, God proved Himself present and involved in the work He had asked us to do. His people heard his call and came at the very last moment to fill in some vital holes in the programming. As I tried to regain strength and appetite (and ended up napping for 4 hours in the middle of the day) Mary showed up to spend her afternoon patiently cooking French Toast with the children on a griddle at one of our activity rotations; and Albert came to help as needed and ended up saving our low ropes challenges with his previous experience and kindness!

Joe D, Joe L, and Nick all joined the ranks of male group leaders at the last minute to enable more young boys to come! We worked very hard to maintain a 1:2 ratio of leaders to children in order to facilitate quality time and attention for the little ones.

Sweet volunteers from Canyon Creek, Gateway, and Grace Covenant Church brought their families and smiles to serve with us in the outdoor kitchen and graciously hand out plastic-ware and warmth.

Even down to the brief rain which settled the dust and cooled the evening on Saturday, the details were in His hands. Praise Him with us for the amazing way that He loves us and provides for our every need!

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