Christian Community Development Association Conference

by Cheryl on October 17, 2007

St. Louis Arch

Above is “The Arch” in St. Louis, Missouri, and our hotel behind it. Tim Sr. and I actually traveled the 640 ft. to the top of this slightly swaying marvel of steel and concrete to survey the city and the Mississippi River.

Thank you so much for your prayers for safe travel and continued programming in my absence. The Faithful One granted safety and a realization of whose work it was to be done. : )

Attending the CCDA conference was so encouraging to me! This Association exists to inspire and train followers of Christ who seek to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by reclaiming and restoring under-resourced communities.

By far, my most cherished experience was worship with The Body of Christ who attended. I sang, clapped, cried, laughed, and danced with brothers and sisters from inner city Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Philly, New Mexico, Dallas, Mississippi, and many places where people are dying without The Truth. Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Non-denominational, Lutheran, Church of Christ – all fell away. The unity of the fellowship of The Spirit, and the joy of redemption and relationship with such an amazing Father trumped all else. What a beautiful glimpse of The Bride…

We attended different “break out” style sessions – designed to educate and equip in the areas most needed and relevant to each participant. God spoke to me through the testimony of a brother named Franklin from Chicago. He is now in his 30’s, married with 2 little girls, and serving God full time in inner-city Chicago through a children’s ministry called “By the Hand.”

Franklin grew up in the projects of Chicago, raised by a single mom. His only salvation from gang membership was to be on the basketball team. When Franklin was 16, a white business man in a a suit and tie reached out to him in a restaurant one evening. Franklin decided to receive Christ as Lord of his life that night. For the next 2 years, Don (the business owner) poured into Franklin’s life. He would drive an hour every morning to pick Franklin up at 6am go through discipleship material and pray for him. Franklin told us that Don was “his Paul,” and he was “Don’s Timothy.” Don became his spiritual father.

Because Don included Franklin in his routine family life, Franklin learned what committed parents and children seeking the Lord looked like. With Don’s encouragement, Franklin attended Moody Bible Institute and followed God’s calling him back to the familiar, dysfunctional neighborhood in order to rescue and train children who are lost – as he was in his youth.

The God of Restoration has placed us strategically in East Austin to raise up the next generation for His Name. Thank you for being obedient to His call.

Cindy, Tim & Cheryl

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