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by Cheryl on November 14, 2007

Benjamin is back to himself today! He just has a remnant cough… Thank you so much for your prayers!!

I am PUMPED about our interactive web sign-ups for His-Story! Check out our website at and click on the “His-Story” link on the left side menu. You can sign up online for the specific way that you’d like to be a part of what God is doing to tell His story!!

Please help us spread the word about this amazing opportunity to show Austin, TX what Christmas is really about. Mark your calendars to attend December 20th, 21st, or 22nd. Invite your neighbors, friends and family!

We will have our first work day this Saturday to begin preparing the staging area for the set, and initialize set construction. The Lord’s involvement has been unmistakable! So far, God has:

– changed our plans and redirected us

– prepared hearts of our partners

– delayed the newsletter printing 4 days before we even knew we would need to stop the printing for a front page story change!

– provided 50% of the needed funding

-allowed Tim Sr. to relocate the 20 year old original script

-brought skilled strategic contributors (website, lighting, acting, set design)

Be a part of this with us! It’s so exciting to know that you are part of something He is putting together… Ask God how He would have you contribute to what He is doing : )

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