by Cheryl on November 8, 2007


What could be more exciting than The Creator directing a presentation of His own story?

God has changed our direction for Christmas programming recently! We are stepping out in faith and obedience to put together a dramatic production of the life of Christ from birth to ascension called “His-Story.”

This production will take the place of the Christmas Store. Many families in our area have other sources for Christmas gifts, and we want to share The Truth about Christmas with all of Austin, TX! The dates for the production are December 20th, 21st, and 22nd from 6pm to 8pm at NYACC (12th & Chicon St.). Each showing will be 15 minutes in length, and viewers are welcome inside for hot chocolate and cookies in between.

We still need your help!! Please consider volunteering for any of the following needs:

– Serve hot chocolate/ cookies inside in-between performances
– Stand ready during and after performances to interact with people as the Spirit leads
– Help decorate the facility
– Help create the sets
– Help us find live animals we can borrow for the manger scene (donkey, sheep, cow, goats, camel) – Donate financially to make the presentation possible – Video record the production
– Help direct traffic/ parking
– Greet
– Crowd control/ flow
– Clean up/ tear down
– ACT in the production!! (No lines, the story is narrated: Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds, Baby Jesus) – Help with publicity/ marketing ideas
– PRAY for the work God is doing and will do!

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