Praise God with us!!

by Cheryl on December 3, 2007

Dear friends and family – we had an accident during our His-Story work day on Saturday. Tim Jr. was up on a 12 ft. ladder, attaching some of our canvas backdrop to a cable when his ladder slid out from underneath him. Tim landed on his arms and face onto the parking lot asphalt.

The Scott and White ER in Round Rock (miraculously) took him in right away. After feeling and examining his arms, the doctor determined that both his forearms were broken – definitely. However, after X-rays, he returned in bewilderment to inform the Pinsons that there were no breaks or fractures shown. It seemed impossible to him!

I later found out that the very doctor they saw has family who is already part of the Mission: Possible! prayer/support team. What an interesting way for God to show himself…

Tim Jr. is now home recovering with his sweet wife Rachael and 4 little ones. (5, 4, almost 2, and 8 mos.) Praise God that Tim was spared broken bones (or worse)!! Please pray with us that Tim will recover quickly, that Rachael will be given what she needs to take care of their family, and that The Almighty will complete all the details for His-Story (in 17 days) despite these set-backs. We are so thankful that our brother Tim is whole and on the mend.

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