Special touches of grace

by Cheryl on December 17, 2007


The last few days have been a whirlwind of details, phone calls, emails, scribbled notes, errands, tears, and prayers in prep for the true story of The Creator who came as a babe so poor and mild that even we can relate to His life and character.

We knew at Mission: Possible! when we decided to obey what The Spirit was leading us to do in changing our Christmas plans “late in the game,” that this would be a crazy ride towards a grand finale of awe of what God had done. Even now, 48 hours before dress rehearsal – my heart jumps at the thought of how He might speak to the hearts of souls who come.

My Abba used 6 different ladies today to bless my heart – these women stepped in to scoop up a chunk of preparation tasks that I could just not get done on my own. I began the day in a panic with the details and tasks looming before me, undone. One sister dedicated her whole day to costuming and design, and another met us at JoAnn’s to share the load and help dream up some sweet angel costumes.

One sweet friend listened – really LISTENED to my overwhelmed rambling and offered a hand where I most needed it, but was blind to. Another has been working for weeks on other costume details after helping me make sense of the pieces I had. Another took on a financial burden which lifted a production cost load, and enabled us to purchase the wood chips we needed. And although busy herself, another friend made phone calls to arrange the materials that were essential for the set floor.

God has been so gracious to me, as I stumble to serve Him. Thank you so much to each of you who are pouring your hearts out for us in prayer, and pouring your love out on us in partnership. It is thrilling to work together for His Kingdom!

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