Our BFASP family

by Cheryl on January 18, 2008


Here are some of our Big Fish After School crew.

Two of our sweet girls went to Kansas over Christmas vacation and have not yet returned. Please pray for Nay Nay and Destiny and their mom Rachel, whatever situation they may be in now. These girls have been in our programming with MP and the REALife Center before us for 3 years and we miss them very much.

We have recently welcomed two new friends, Alicia and DaJuan. These siblings were recruited by Charlsetta (in the light blue above). This picture was taken before they came, but we are thrilled to include them into our little family. We are praying for 4 more children and passing out our fliers in Spanish and English at their elementary schools.

Although they bear heavy burdens, our friends are learning to talk to God – a God who is in control, and who holds them through the tough things they must walk through. 11 outstanding volunteers our consistently pouring into their lives and teaching them about academics, friendship, life, stewardship, joy, and Jesus Christ. We laugh, sing, dance, play, work, think, hug, pray, cry, read, and love each other. We invite you to visit us any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday that AISD has school between 3-5 pm!

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