Camp Nikos 2008

by Cheryl on June 5, 2008

Benjamin and one of his previous campers, Kevin. : )

As you can tell from this photo, Camp Nikos is HOT!! Especially in light of the recent weather forecasting, we will need you all to pray against dehydration and heat-exhaustion. The dining hall is the only spot that campers visit with A/C, and we spend all day walking the trails to different activities, singing scripture and trying to remember to drink water at every opportunity. Being thrown in the lake helps alot…

The theme for Camp this year is something different than we’ve ever done. We’re teaching about The King of Kings, and what kind of a King He is. We will have the opportunity to present life-changing truths about God this year. Our theme verse for camp is Psalm 73: 28, “I know that it’s good to be near you God… I will tell everyone about the wonderful things you do!” We can KNOW THE KING.

We will teach:

1. (Tuesday, June 10th) God is real! Romans 1:19- 20, “God has shown us who He is! Since He created the world, God’s invisible qualities and his power have been clearly seen by what He has made, so that people have no excuse for not knowing Him.”

2. (Wednesday, June 11th) We can get to know God! James 4:8, “Come close to God, and He will come close to you.”

3. (Thursday, June 12th) We can learn to hear God! Romans 8:16, “God’s Spirit speaks to our spirits if we are His children.”

4. (Friday, June 13th) God is trustworthy. I Corinthians 1:9, “God is faithful. He will do what He says.”

If a child is able to accept these truths, they can approach God with confidence! Please pray that The Spirit would speak clearly to the hearts of those who are His children.

Check our Camp Nikos Blog daily for updated prayer requests and pictures!

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