Day 1: God is Real

by Ben on June 11, 2008

Yesterday was the first full day of Nikos. The theme for the day was “God is Real.” Throughout the day, the leaders and campers went to many activities including fishing, canoeing, swimming, ropes, archery, and crafts. All the groups have settled into the “camp groove” and things seem to be going well. I have tried to touch base with as many guy leaders as I could during the day. Almost all of them are very excited and say that their kids are doing great. The campers are participating in songs and verses and really engaging during teaching. Joan made a fantastic video that we showed at the night service about how God is real. It interviewed several of the group leaders so they were able to share from their point of view how they know God is real. The campers really connect with their leaders especially, and their attention is held well by video. They are all learning their verses which is so exciting!

Pray that I can continue to connect with the guy leaders and help them out. Yesterday there were several mini-crisis moments among a couple of tents, but the guy leaders have impressed me with their maturity and discernment with the children. Pray that I could be an encouragement to them as they keep doing an outstanding job. Pray that they will be well rested, and that they would follow the Lord’s leading to speak when He would have them speak.

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