Day 2: God can be heard

by Ben on June 12, 2008

Yesterday we talked about how God can be and wants to be known by his people. The theme verse was James 4:8. The campers and leaders are starting to form some meaningful relationships as they discuss the theme and participate together through daily activities. It’s great to see them walking down trails together, singing verses and clearly becoming comfortable as good pals. Most of the guys really enjoy fishing, swimming, and ropes. It was really hot, but everyone is being careful to drink a lot of water and stay in the shade when possible. 

During the dinner service, some of the leaders performed a skit to a Lifehouse song called “Everything.” You can find it on youtube, and I’ll try to make a link later as well. It is a powerful representation of the role of Christ in a believer’s life, even through their struggles in a lost and sin-filled world. The campers watched very attentively, and hopefully the explanation of the skit spoke to them on a deeper level. 
Continue to pray for meaningful and eternal conversations among the leaders and campers. Pray that the leaders would not simply get through the week on their own power and will, but that they would surrender all to Christ. Pray that as they begin to tire and lose strength that they would seek the Lord and learn from Him, even amidst the trials and joys of this week. Also pray for one little boy named Erik. He struggles with some anger issues, but it looks like he might be turning around today. Also, the girls have been having some drama within different cabins, so pray that the Lord would do a mighty work and bring His children to Him.

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