Day 3 and 4: God can be heard and trusted!

by Ben on June 16, 2008

The last two days of camp seemed to go by very quickly. The campers and leaders really got accustomed to the daily schedule and things seemed to go very smoothly. Each day starts with breakfast, and then an activity rotation. After lunch and two more activities, the whole camp gathers below the dining hall for a time that the campers can display a “talent” or goof around. It is very encouraging for the kids to get recognition and applause for something they can do. After dinner and a time of group games, the night service is the last event before bedtime.

As I have mentioned before, we have been showing videos with leader interviews about our theme for the day. I hope to be able to link to them or post them at some point. Also during the night service is a slide show which goes through pictures of the kids at their various activities during the day. The campers love to see their faces up on the screen and yell and cheer for their friends. There is also a time where our “light lady” recognizes campers that did an exceptional job during the week. They get to be drawn on with highlighter and then “shine” under black lights. The basis for light lady is for the kids have their light shine, from Matthew 5:16. Tim Jr. talks briefly to the campers before they finally go to bed. I really felt that the campers were able to connect to the words that Tim spoke, and it was clear that many were thinking about the topics as evidence from their conversations with leaders and their prayer requests.

Other than a few wasp stings, and one little boy that had an infected cut, there were very few medical issues all week long. Lots of kids were able to catch some big fish during their fishing time, and the new archery slot was by and large a big success. The waterfront is home to three activities, being fishing, canoeing and swimming. In the swimming area is also a blob, which is a lot of fun to launch people off of into the water. On Friday I helped “double blob” a few leaders with Sean, the youth pastor from Hope in the City. It was good stuff.
The interesting thing about Camp Nikos is that is it a revealing time for all who participate. I know the Lord taught me many things over the week. I pray that He will continue to reveal himself to me so that I will know Him intimately, just as we spoke to the campers about the very same thing. I pray that I will be able to hear His voice. And I pray that I will be able to trust Him in everything.
Praise our King! For He is real and wants to be known! He can be heard, and can be trusted!

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