Morning walk with the pup

by Ben on June 18, 2008

So this past Saturday, after we returned from camp, Cheryl and I picked up our puppy from her parents’ house! Her name is Penny, and she’s a golden retriever. She is 9 weeks old or so, and thus still very much a baby. We have to take her out just about every hour to prevent accidents, and even with our diligence, we are often down on the floor scrubbing. :( But, being just a puppy still, its hard to get too upset with her. 

She seems to be on a slightly different sleep schedule than Cheryl and I, meaning very early mornings so far. This morning especially

I took her out at about 5:45a.m. for a potty break, and then she simply wouldn’t go back to sleep. We tried to get back to sleep, but she wouldn’t settle down, so I got up and took her for a walk. I just got a new phone the other day, so I messed around with audio options as we walked, and took a couple photos. Penny and I stopped at a little playground area after about 20 minutes or so and I tested out my camera. 

It seems to work decently as far as quality goes, but it also has a few other options which are kinda neat. It will shoot in a burst of 4 shots at a time, and I managed to take a weird panoramic shot as well. Strange to think you could do such a think with a phone, but hey, it kinda worked. Anyway, after all that fuss and walking around for probably an hour or so, she’s now sleeping on the tile, and I’m wide awake. Go figure.

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