Nikos Leader Training Day

by Ben on June 9, 2008

Today we did the bulk of our training with the tent and cabin leaders. We were able to tie up most of the things that needed to be covered. It was pretty hot, so I would assume that this whole week will be kind of toasty. Pray that everyone will drink plenty of water throughout the week, since most medical issues during the week relate to dehydration.

The few guy leaders came around today, and they will be sticking around. Pray that they will continue to have a good attitude and that the Lord will use them this week.

Tomorrow will be a hectic day. I feel that we have things planned out pretty well though. There will be a large group heading back into Austin to pick up the campers. Pray for their safety. Pray for their discernment and the organization of the registration as it is often a little bit crazy. They will be leaving around 10:00am and arriving at camp at 4:00pm.

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