Ukulele ho!

by Ben on June 1, 2008

I recently purchased a ukulele online, and got it sometime last week. Yes I know its a little strange, but I’m having a blast with it. Its very easy and fun to play. I just have to re-tune it from time to time. I assume it will lessen as a guitar does.

Right now I’m primarily learning the basic chords and strumming along to some different indie songs. Some that I enjoy playing currently are:
Vincent O’Brian, by M. Ward
The Sporting Life, by The Decemberists
Somewhere Over the Rainbow, by Brudda Iz (I know, I know, but everyone has to learn it.)
St. Augustine, by Band of Horses
Waiting for a Superman, by The Flaming Lips
None of them sound spectacular yet, but it sure is fun. Maybe I’ll post a vid sometime if I ever can sum up the courage.

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