Fall Retreat '08

by Cheryl on September 29, 2008

Well, they all came and went… MP fed 125 at our wilderness camp-out site during this short 2 day, 1 night camp out. God brought so many teens and adults to love on the children – enough for less than a 1:2 ratio, and we didn’t even have a drop of rain! (VERY different from retreats past, formerly known as MUDD camp…)

There were several moments during this retreat which blessed me deeply. A 9 year old girl named Karen and I sat together on the gravel floor of the outdoor kitchen after she had had to be rinsed nearly from head to toe because she had rubbed a poison ivy leaf all over herself on purpose. Over years of contact with Karen, she has just started to respond to me because she knows that I love her.

Margaret (on the right in the picture above), brought her small pink Bible to me. “I’m reading in John. I tried to read on the bus on the way here, but it was too bumpy,” she said, beaming up at me. I was able to stop and pray over her and her Bible. Lord, take hold of Margaret’s heart as she reads this Bible, and speak clearly to her spirit as your child… what a sweet moment.

After a story-telling and discussion of the life of Joseph, Kimberly came up alone to ask me why God allows bad things to happen to us if He is trustworthy. It was an amazing opportunity to speak the hope of maturity in Him, of His love and sovereignty, and against the lies of the enemy to such a young soul!

My favorite moment of the retreat has to be Saturday night, when Tim Jr. was reviewing the material the children learned this summer at Camp Nikos – God is real, He can be known and heard, He can be trusted. At the end, he mentioned one of the promises that we can trust God to keep. He started the words, “You will seek me,…” and children’s voices overtook his, singing, “…You will find me, when you seek me, with all of your heart. Jeremiah 29:13, Jeremiah 29:13,” to the tune of the Mexican Hat dance. I could not hold back the tears as I recognized that this promise had been written on their hearts. God, you are so good!

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