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by Ben on January 10, 2009

I have had this blog up for about a half a year. It’s interesting how my phases in posting go. As I’ve started to follow other personal blogs, I have noticed that posting is often few and far between. People do not often make a post unless something major is going on in life, or if they have the time to make a time-worthy post. On the other hand, there has been a jump in popularity of things like Twitter, which allows for simple updates similar to the “status updates” on Facebook. People just post what they are doing, or some short little phrase about what’s going on in life. I can see the value in this, but it lacks a lot of flexibility. If you want to post pictures or media of some kind, you have to link to it. Also, you are limited in word count and in other ways.

So I found myself in a strange conundrum. I would like to post in this blog more often, but I usually don’t find the things I want to post as being worthy of a full blog post. But, they also seem out of place on Twitter or the status update in Facebook. So something that was more in between seemed like a good solution. Fortunately, I recently found something that seems to fit the bill. So I made a new website on Tumblr. It allows for quick and easy posts, like Twitter, but also is quite flexible with media, links, and other things, like a regular blog. I hope to keep more regular posting on my “tumblelog,” but still keep this blog for longer thoughts or posting multiple pictures, etc.

We’ll see how things go. =)

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