Thank you, Taurus Dog Training!

by Cheryl on February 5, 2009

Today, Penny and I were offered a scholarship for 4 weeks of private training by Taurus Dog Training!

I need some re-education, and Penny (just as she’s entering pre-adolescence) needs some behavior refinement! Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very good girl, but sometimes she’s just too excited to obey immediately…

Penny has visited MP’s Big Fish After School Program a few Fridays in a row now. She rides “shot gun” in the 15 passenger van, and loves to run around with the kids in the parking-lot playground while they play “Hide-and-Go-Seek.” (Although a Golden Retriever tail has been known to give away even some of the best hiding places).


We’d love to include her 3 days a week for the kids’ sake. They are often afraid of dogs (even ones as fuzzy as Penny) because of negative past experiences with dogs. They adore having her around and throwing a ball for her. Having this dog training will mean that Penny will be more in tune with me, even in fun (distracting) environments  – enough to stay inside the fenced area or to “Leave it” when she finds a random chicken bone.

This training will also prepare her for certification through The Delta Society to participate in Dell Children’s Hospital’s Woody Pet Therapy Program in the future. We look forward to being able to share Penny’s sweet company with recovering children there.

Taurus has asked us to be some of the first participants in their developing scholarship opportunities. We’ll journal how we’re doing in-between training sessions, and gladly submit some pictures of her with the children! We are so blessed to have this opportunity, and praise God for His soverign hand in all of life’s circumstances.

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