Happy Birthday Daddy!

by Cheryl on March 7, 2009


We were so thankful to have the whole family together to celebrate Dad’s birthday last night. My brother Jacob just left today for National Guard Leadership Training in Oklahoma for 7 weeks. After OK, he and his lovely wife Channing will move to Arizona for 4 months for Army Intelligence specific training. We will miss having him around! By the time Jacob is all trained up, we will be just one month away from meeting our new baby…!

Mom made a killer birthday cake, and we ended the night with a Boggle session. Ben blew us all away, finding words like “lichen” and “plague”! Dad and I are good at finding all the little words and plural versions, and Mom is the designated “spoiler” who finds a bit of everybody’s list. Bobby even joined in and added a little imagination with the scorekeeping and finding words from Lord of The Rings, like “Ent.” : )

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