Love my Belly Book!

by Cheryl on March 6, 2009

Okay, so it’s 6 am and I can’t go back to sleep. I think God has funny ways of preparing new mommies for little babies… running to the potty 4 times during the night and being more comfortable OUT of bed than in will prep any girl to be up several times a night with a little one!

I found this great pregnancy journal last week called The Belly Book! It’s a cross between a baby book and a journal. It’s like the baby book before the baby – The Belly Book. : ) Anyway, there’s great places to scribble all the details of my pregnancy from the necessary naps of the first trimester to the footprints of the baby in the hospital.books

Right now just the WORD “chicken” makes me want to barf! (Or the sight of deli meat…) ugh. Praise God I have not experienced any morning sickness at all yet! I’m so thankful because work is as busy as ever, planning for our up-coming retreat March 13 – 16, and spending time with children 6 days a week on my busiest weeks. We borrowed a cot from my parents and set it up in my office so I can just close the door and lay down when it’s nap time – no joke!

My nails are growing beautifully (I think it’s all those vitamins) and I’ve invested in Cocoa Butter Lotion. (In bulk from SAMS) My mommy friends warned me it’s a must! I’ve found Saltine crackers to be the best medicine for all kinds of things: Queasy tummy, heart burn, car sickness, empty morning tummy… need I go on?

I’ve just recently started “showing” but still fit into my jeans. I’m told this will not last long. Sweet Ben is already taking the belly pictures each time we feel the need. We’ll go in for our first sonogram on March 26th to hear the baby’s heart beat…. What a miracle!

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