Awesome for Blogger-Moms and Photographers!

by Cheryl on July 28, 2009

So I was at a friend’s birthday party in Houston when a fellow Blogger-Mom told me about

This way-cool website is a way to turn your blog posts into a photography book! You just download the free App called BookSmart they have on their site, and then upload your applicable blog posts directly into a template or custom book format!

They have lots of options on page sizes and a hard cover vs. soft cover choice so you spend only as much money as you want to when you order it. How neat! When Laura showed me her beautiful hard cover baby book, I thought it must have been something like $100 to have made, but she only paid $30!

For all you photographers, your photos don’t have to be in a blog already. I’d like to see a few of my talented friends and family publish a book of your snapshots… cha ching! : )

I am so excited to have this fun motivation to blog regularly about Baby Hannah! I’ve had a terrible time finding a baby book that I’m happy with, and now I can make my own : ) How cool!

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