Kristi Time!

by Cheryl on August 16, 2009

You could say it all started at Chick Fil A…. Kristi and I met at Texas A&M and wound up in the same pointless Human Geography class. Igor (as we nick-named our professor) rarely covered anything during class time needed for successful test-taking. (I think attendance must have counted for something, otherwise I don’t think anyone would’ve been coming!)

Anyway, Kristi and I took turns influencing the other to spend our Human Geography class time out on a grassy knoll on campus, enjoying Chick Fil A and laughing together. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship! : )

Well, we’re big girls now… Kristi was one of my bridesmaids a few years ago and she is full time staff with Campus Crusade for Christ in another country. She went for 2 years and has decided that God is asking her to live her life for now overseas. Kristi left this morning from Houston at 6:30 am for the other side of the world, with everything she owns in 3 large bags and 2 “carry-on’s.”

I went to visit my sweet friend before she left this week, and we packed in as many giggles as we could as we packed 70lb duffle bags and ran errands together. One super fun thing we found while we were out were my hospital pajamas for giving birth and a “going home” outfit for Hannah that match! A part of Kristi will be there after all, even though she’s far away!

Here we are at our roots:


Kristi discovered the fake belly pillows at a maternity shop that you can strap around your waist to try things on in the dressing room: I think she’s pretty cute preggy! : )


She had to take one with Hannah… ONLY Hannah : ) (Hannah and Kristi have a special connection: My baby girl did all her tricks just for Kristi to feel – hiccups, the “kick and scrape across mom’s belly” trick, and just general squirming)


Thank you Lord for leading my friend so clearly, and for the time we had together this week!

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