Poor Penny

by Cheryl on September 3, 2009


Our poor Penny ripped her left pinky toe nail right off the quick two weeks ago by stepping just on the edge of where our tile is raised an inch from the wood laminate flooring. Sweet thing made an awful yelp, and we took her to Dr. Campbell at The Parmer Lane Pet Hospital to take care of her.

They were very kind and love Penny, (how can you not?) ; ) and after cutting her dead nail off and bandaging her paw, we were sent home again with pain pills and antibiotics. She was very depressed, but we thought she was healing well, until today… This afternoon she ripped the nail remains up, tripping during a car ride, and we’ll be bringing her back in for another painful nail trim tomorrow. : (

She pouts in her crate for hours at a time now, and checks her toe every three steps she takes outside. I sure hope she will be more comfortable after her vet visit tomorrow. It’s hard to watch her hurting. Makes me so thankful that she is otherwise very heathy.

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