Thank you Benjamin and Panera Bread

by Cheryl on September 19, 2009

So I’ve been feeling a little crummy for the past 48 hours due to some killer back and neck pain… I feel much better right now and praise God for that. Thought I would share a bit about this evening’s escapades, since pregnancy sometimes makes for amusing stories… (The short version is: My husband is wonderful, and Panera Bread saved my LIFE) : )

Long version:

At dinner time today, Hannah and I NEEDED some soup (preferably in a bread bowl, but trying not to be picky). Naturally, I set to work searching the Austin area over the internet for promising restaurants with yummy soup selections. If you know of a great place to get soup, please comment here and let me know! We had quite a time finding satisfactory soup!

We stopped at a new place for us that we found online, Kiefer’s Cafe, (great reviews) but they are closed on Saturday! : ( So, we stopped at Potbelly at Arbor Walk. They had 2 soup selections, neither appetizing… so we left. We even stopped to check out the menu at Mimi’s Cafe… not inspiring. We climbed back into the car, (Ben shaking his head at me, but wanting me to be happy) and drove toward the Gateway shopping center.


Lo and behold, there was Panera Bread! My friend Kristi recommended it to me a while ago, but I’ve never managed to make it inside. I knew they had salads and sandwiches, so I asked Ben to stop by so we could check out the soup selection. Much to my delight, they not only had yummy soup choices, but in beautiful sourdough bread bowls!!!

I had the broccoli cheddar and relished every bite. I can’t tell you how happy it made me! Isn’t it funny how the little things in life can be so enjoyable? I’d like to thank my sweet husband for his sense of humor and for driving me around town to my heart’s content, and of course – Panera Bread, for their delicious soup and bread bowl. Mmmmmm! : )

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