by Cheryl on September 9, 2009

So, I am about 6 weeks away from meeting my little girl… Yay! I can’t wait to see her Daddy holding her. We are in the process of packing a bag for the hospital, figuring out how that car seat straps into the back seat, and finalizing our birth plan. I’m now visiting the doc every week. So far, so good!

One dilemma I’m up against tonight (and often, lately) is lack of inspiration to cook. Planning, gathering, and creating meals is just not flowing out of me lately!! Just going to the grocery store is exhausting. My old secret weapon, allrecipes.com, is even failing to light my flame of culinary creativity. (Sigh)

Sweet Benjamin has been very understanding and appreciative of the spotty instances of a well-thought-out meal… I eat lots of fruit, yogurt, cheese and such. (Smoothies… mmm) We enjoy eating out, but it’s too expensive to become habit, and so we are often left to add small things up and call it “dinner.”

I hope this cooking rut disappears when I have a little munchkin in the Moby Wrap to “help” me!

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