Hannah’s Closet

by Cheryl on October 3, 2009

Here are a few snapshots of the little space we’ve prepared for Hannah to sleep in and keep all her tiny baby things:


The pocket style doorway into her space is near our bed, in between the changing table and the big wardrobe where Ben and I keep our clothes.


Her Pack n Play fits just right on the left hand side as you enter. I made those hanging plush blocks out of her left-over quilt fabric. Gramma Shelley painted the lavender H that hangs on the wall, Gramma Deonne made the little cream blanket for Hannah, and Lolli helped us find the polka dot wall covering behind the bed. I can’t wait to see her quilt in here!


These drawers on the right hand side as you enter hold all of our desk/office items on the left side (since we have no space for a desk or filling cabinet), and the right side drawers hold Hannah’s clothes and blankets and such. All her little socks and hair bows, bibs, etc. are in the white shoe holder on the entrance wall (you can see it on the left here).

Hannah’s space is such a sweet part of our less than 600 sq. feet! We’d like to thank everyone who was a part of putting this little closet together. Our little girl has been well provided for. Thank you Lord for your loving-kindness, and this new adventure of parenthood!

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