9 weeks with Hannah

by Cheryl on December 27, 2009

Hannah’s first Christmas came and went! We had a full day to spend with each set of grandparents : )


Here’s a pic of her Christmas Eve nap:


Hannah played the critical role of Baby Jesus in Mission: Possible’s His-Story Presentation last week! “A daring role for such a young actress,” a friend in the business told me. : )


At 9 weeks, Hannah:

~ Smiles and coos when her diaper is clean again
~ Loves to have someone help her stand and bobbles her head
~ Outgrew her Moses Basket and sleeps in the Pack n Play (at the raised, infant height)
~ Responds conversationally to eye contact and verbal interaction when shes in the mood
~ Uses one eye brow during facial expressions in conversational interaction
~ Kicks a Baby Einstein baby gym toy to make lights and music start
~ Exhales a sigh of relief when you pick her up or do something else she’s been trying to ask you for
~ Has the chubbiest cheeks!!

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