The Living Desert

by Cheryl on May 22, 2011

Hannah was yelling "GIRaffe! GIRaffe!" and pointing and looking at everyone around as if to say, "They're REAL!"

This last Monday we visited a Zoo in Palm Desert called “The Living Desert.” Their goal is desert conservation through preservation and appreciation. This zoo includes animals and plant species from deserts all over the globe! We arrived as they opened at 9 am to beat the heat and see the animals at their best. It was so much fun to see Hannah realizing that the animals we have pointed at in board books and learned the names of are real and alive. The first animal we bumped into on arrival was a tortoise. She could do nothing but stare as it patrolled the edge of it’s cage, sticking it’s head and front legs through the holes in the wiring.

We were in incredibly close proximity to the giraffe! Our friend Noah was about to feed this one here...

Our next stop was the giraffe exhibit. Hannah enjoyed seeing one male giraffe just a few feet from his face! She was in awe. The viewing sidewalk and fence is raised for an amazing view of these tall creatures. There were three adults and one baby giraffe, co-existing with two ostrich! So neat.

Hayley "Dundee" getting a ride with our friend Lolli

Our double stroller sure came in handy. We packed snacks and lunch and caught an animal show. We were grateful we came with sweet friends who were wanting to help out with our two little munchkins!







Hannah had no fear of the goats, who were smaller than our Pennydog ;)

Here we are at the petting zoo, where goats were napping and grazingĀ  and tolerating pats and brushing from the kids. I don’t know why I expected Hannah to be hesitant, but she had a great time and labeled lots of ears and tails and eyes.

Hannahgirl with her trusty sidekick Pablo


The Lowe Fam

Our last stop was a hands on Discovery Center with a large carpeted “sand dune” for tots to climb and slide down, a beautiful concave wall mural of the Coachella Valley desert where we live, and other experiential activities. We had such a great time!

(By the way, I sat down four or maybe five times to try to get this post written and published. Blogging with two babies under 2 is quite a challenge!! Even when they’re sleeping, my brain seems to know and falls asleep as well. I feel so accomplished to finally have this up! :) )

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