A Sandbox in the Desert

by Cheryl on June 1, 2011

"S" is for sand

Hannah now has a new “sandbox” to play with! (Thanks Jill for the great idea) I love this mini sandbox idea because it doesn’t take up much space, was not expensive, and has a lid that snaps on!

The Sandbox

We’ve been enjoying the mild weather and breeze and playing outside as much as possible because we hear the next few months will be unbearably hot.


Hayley's face, lol

At 19 months, Hannah has a very independent spirit. When we go to the park, she loves to explore the far corners and pick up trash to throw away. (Sigh) She never looks back for mom unless she can’t find the trash can or can’t reach high enough to insert the trash!

It’s so precious to see her catching on on how to interact with Hayley. She loves to kiss Hayley on the head or say “Goo goo gooooo!” Hayley smiles biggest when her sister is talking to her. Below, Hannah is bringing Hayley a toy and putting it into her hand, only minutes after discovering her new sandbox. Sweet sweet SWEET!


Sharing toys with Hayley

Even Penny is enjoying our newest diversion (Check the pic for evidence). The irony here is that our entire backyard is nothing but desert sand!


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