California Girls

by Cheryl on June 12, 2011

California Girls

New Sunglasses

Hannah is learning her letters and numbers and wants to count to 10 in Spanish and English all the time. She loves to learn and be Mommy’s “helper.” She is really focused on people’s names and mentions friends and family often whether they are physically there or not. It makes me so curious about everything that goes on in that little mind of hers that she still can’t express. She’s just starting to put two words together, and uses a few short phrases, but mostly single words. She does new things every day and always impresses me with her little memory for detail. Hannah loves to hug our legs and kiss Penny and Hayley on the head. She is such a sweetheart and knows that her affection brings us joy. I love this new thing she’s doing with bracelets… pushing them up to her biceps. She has her OWN ideas about things, that’s for sure! (Some of her mommy’s genes in there I guess) : /

Sweet Sun Hat

Miss Hayley does “baby crunches,” and rolls herself from belly to back. She loves to have a face to face conversation with anyone and has a delicate digestive system. We pulled up some pictures of Hannah when she was 10 weeks old to compare… We will have to post some pics side by side so you can see for yourself! It’s so much fun to watch these sweet little girls blossom and grow.

Penny helps care for Hayley ;)

Penny is still in the middle of all the family action. She moves with us from room to room all day and travels with us on outings whenever possible. She’s even made a few Californian doggy friends- Chino and Scooper! Penny even gets a goodnight kiss from Hannah every night immediately following Daddy’s and Hayley’s kiss! Hannah calls her “Hen.” :)

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