4 Months Old

by Cheryl on July 27, 2011

Pretty Girl

Better late than never, right? Hayley was 4 months old on the 17th. This sweet baby is really chubbing up! :) She states her opinions very loudly, whether they are a complaint or joyful. She rolls from her tummy to her back and then changes her mind and ends up on her tummy again, moving those baby legs in a “bicycle” frenzy and threatening to crawl in the next few weeks. AH! Her first tooth is making its appearance on the bottom and causing all kinds of trouble. Hayley loves when her big sister talks to her, having her pajamas put on, and mommy-nose to baby-chest tickles. She is delightful, and is going to keep her mommy on her toes!



Big enough for the Bumbo seat!

Happy baby

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