Discovering Water Kefir

by Cheryl on July 3, 2011

Some friends here got me hooked on this blog: Passionate Homemaking. I’ve found so much helpful and inspiring info on health and nutrition to apply in my kitchen. One such golden nugget is the use of Kefir grains. Since I am living dairy free these days to help Hayley’s digestive system, I found an alternative to the more commonly known Milk Kefir. It’s actually a different “grain,” called Water Kefir. The health benefits are many! Check out the links below if you’re curious. I’m still learning about it myself!

Our Water Kefir Grains

There are two 24 hour steps to our brew. Feed the grains in sugar-water for 24 hours, then allow the water to ferment and gain flavor from fresh fruit for 24 hours after extracting the grains.

Our strawberry lemonade Kefir drink (in the pitcher) and the grains in sugar water in the jar behind

Benjamin's glass of Strawberry Lemonade Kefir Drink

We’ve only been caring for our Kefir Grains for 3 days, and already we’re having fun flavoring, taste testing, and feeling great about finding this new health boost. We’re still figuring out how to keep the carbonation from escaping, but have heard that it’s a wonderful alternative to drinking soda! I’m looking forward to adding the kefir water to our smoothies, making Kefir “soda,” substituting for buttermilk, and soaking grains! If you’re curious, here are two links that can answer your questions better than I can:
Health Booster: KEFIR!
Water Kefir
And, our grains have doubled in quantity already! That means we will have plenty to share if any of our friends or family want to start their own batch :)

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