He Loves to Take Care of Us

by Cheryl on October 9, 2011

I regret that I have not been sharing on our blog the many beautiful things The Lord has been showing Benjamin and I over the last few years. He is such a personal, loving Father, and I sometimes struggle knowing what to share and how to, or to whom. He has lead me in the past to share with very few – over the phone, or in person. I’m so joyful today to have the freedom to begin sharing here on our blog some of His sweetness to our hearts. Wanted to share a simple (but deep) revelation He gave to me yesterday…

My almost 2 year old Hannah is a very selective eater. I struggle with wanting to nurish her growing body while offering foods she will willingly eat. Every mom’s struggle at one point, I’m sure. Anyway, yesterday she was eating a bowl of oatmeal in the morning with gusto. When she asked for another portion of oatmeal in her bowl, I pondered the satisfaction in my heart, knowing this food was nurishing my little one. I was amazed at the depth of the sensation at something so simple. (I’ve certainly experienced this feeling before – when she eats spinach, or my home-made yogurt, etc.) and The Lord impressed upon me that He loves to see me nurished, and with the same satisfaction.

Then, an hour or so later, Hannah was enjoying the beautiful weather (in the 70’s!) out front and playing happily in her sandbox. I was taking advantage of her independent play and tidying up inside. I came across her water cup and filled it, thinking she must be thirsty. When I brought it out to her, she hugged it and beamed up at me saying, “Thank you Mommy.” Then she sucked down almost the whole cup’s worth of water. She had definitely been thirsty, and not even realized it, caught up in her play. I stood still for a minute, struck with her beauty and growth, and the fact that The Lord had allowed my hands to care for her needs for almost 2 years. How I love to take care of this little girl. The Father impressed upon me again, that He knows what I need before I do. He is watching me grow. He loves to take care of me.

As I know many of us are, Benjamin and I are living with very little income, and sometimes struggle with the fear of not having enough money for our family’s needs. I often wonder why I still struggle with this fear, as Father has been so faithful over the years to provide for every necessity in His perfect timing! Rest assured, brothers and sisters, that He does know your needs. He loves to take care of you.

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