1 Year Old

by Cheryl on March 20, 2012

With "Lovie" in-hand...

It’s hard to believe our Baby Hayley is already ONE! Little Miss Hayley: is a great little eater, loves to play peekaboo, walks around in circles when she’s happy, wants to do everything her big sister does, flirts with strangers, and “sings” along to songs… especially her ABC’s. She loves to clap, drags her pink “Lovie Bear” everywhere, and says, “All done.”

Big Girl

Hayley is curious and independent. She is affectionate and social. Her sweet face and bright smile melts this Mommy’s heart, even in the most challenging moments. (Like when she is impersonating a bucking rodeo bronco while I’m trying to get her diaper changed.)


Hayley and her big sister Hannah are already constant playmates. They look for each other when one is napping and one is awake. They share snacks between car seats in the backseat. We are learning lots about sharing and taking turns and caring for each other. We are so grateful for the precious gift of Hayley Ruth in our family. Thank you Lord Jesus!!



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