Celebrating Penny

by Cheryl on April 2, 2012

Our Pennygirl is 4 years old today!

The Birthday Girl

The girls and I braved Petsmart together with Penny so she could pick out a birthday bone. She is only allowed rawhide twice a year (Christmas, and her birthday) and she obsesses over it until it is consumed. The girls enjoyed seeing the other animals and I swear dog toys and baby toys just have different tags on them. Hannah, Hayley, and Penny were all equally amused in the dog toy aisle :)

Then we found a local dog park and I pushed the double stroller around while Penny made new friends and the girls giggled when other dogs came up to us to say hi to them. I felt very accomplished pulling off the dog park by myself with the girls. Yay!

Hayley is clapping :)

Happy Birthday Penny Lowe! We love you so!

Sisterly "Dogpile." Penny is too engrossed with her bone to care.

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