Hello again, oh neglected blog…

by Cheryl on September 25, 2012

It’s amazing how quickly life happens and doesn’t make it onto the old blog! I am setting out a-fresh to make this our main spot for pictures and updates on our little fam. If you’re here you must love us! Here are some quick points to bring you up to date:

Benjamin is now a Service Manager at Chipotle, in the process of being transferred to the Sacramento area. He is still working a second job at a local hotel here in Desert Hot Springs. What a guy!

Cheryl is expecting our son, Isaiah Benjamin. His projected due date is November 23. He is starting to feel crowded and makes his presence known quite often!

Hannah will be turning 3 on October 26th. She is quite the dancer and budding artist.

Hayley is 18 months old and speaking single words to communicate her wishes. She’s very affectionate and loves to sing.

Penny is suffering off and on with skin allergies here in the desert. We are hoping she will benefit from a move north west!

We are committed to living our every day by faith and not by sight. Resting in The One who loves us with a jealous love. This life is a joyful, exciting, and usually unexpected one! We will keep you posted… :)

Here's an old family pic from July... Benjamin has more facial hair now, and Cheryl's baby bump is quite a bit bigger!!

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