An Unforgettable Moment and a Lesson in Pie Crust

by Cheryl on October 30, 2012

I was so blessed this morning. Had a routine check up with the Baby Doc as we are now approaching 37 weeks – considered “full term!” Got some great news from a test result, meaning I will not need to endure antibiotics through the IV during labor (as I did with Hannah), or wait 48 hours in the hospital for newborn observation after a quick delivery (as I did with Hayley). YIPPEE! The IV is a mental stumbling block for this gal. Kind of ironic that I can willingly embrace the pain of natural childbirth but get all silly about the idea of an IV. It’s not the feeling of it – just the IDEA… anyway…

The girls are falling in love with our sweet sister Lindsay, who is quickly becoming one of the family and will be the caregiver “on call” when little mister is on his way. I had an incredible experience with him in the car on the way home. You’ll just have to take my word on this one, because I’ve yet to hear a friend share a story of a similar pregnancy moment. But I spent 30 -45 seconds literally holding the hand of my unborn son. He often sticks his feet out so far up near my ribs that I have to push back with my hand to stop him – but this was his little fist, down on my left side, and I felt it as clear as day. I held his hand long enough for my eyes to well up with tears – overwhelmed with the love I have for a tiny boy whom I have yet to see. Unforgettable.

Let me apologize ahead of time for the poor quality of today’s snap shots, but such is life!

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