Gladly Welcoming Cooler Weather

by Cheryl on October 11, 2012

Today was our second day of cooler weather here in the desert – around 70 degrees!! It is SO refreshing to open the door and be greeted by that lovely light and crisp sensation – instead of the intense heat we have gotten used to expecting. I’ve just been leaving the door open! And the windows! We have been growing a little baby boy now for 33 weeks and my body is so relieved and blessed by the arrival of autumn air. Naturally, we spent the entire morning out in our courtyard drinking in the cool, and didn’t even bother to change out of our pj’s first:

Hannah gave her Little People farmer a "Corny" Hat

Thought you might be amused with me by today’s toddler lunch menu. I would like to entitle this dish: “An Octopus’ Garden, in the shade.”

Why not have fun with lunch?

Today Hayley found a new hiding spot all on her own. I’m re-arranging a bit in preparation for another little body in our space, and I moved the baby doll stroller storage spot into the girls’ room instead of this nook. I went to look for Hayley to help her into the booster seat for lunch, and she was quietly waiting for me to find her here with this grin on her sweet face:

She enjoys mischief a little too much for my taste ;)

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