Never thought I’d be so Thankful…

by Cheryl on October 29, 2012

… to wash my dirty dishes!

THIS is what my morning looked like:

Nasty. Just nasty.

And you can only IMAGINE what it smelled like… Now imagine that you are pregnant… Yes. Nasty smell + Pregnancy = Misery.

After a baking soda and vinegar attempt at de-clogging this monster, I escaped my smelly kitchen to the grocery store while Benjamin called around from work for advice. We knew he would only be home between his two jobs for an hour or so, and I was starting to panic when my bathroom sink wouldn’t drain either. Praise The LORD that the problem was only a clogged “p trap,” and Benjamin was able to fix it before he left again. Now I was free to wash my dirty dishes!! Hooray!

Beautiful Cleanliness!

To celebrate the restoration of my kitchen to me, I rode a wave of thankful cooking energy and whipped up a batch of sourdough breakfast sandwiches for Benjamin to grab as he runs out the door to work in the morning:

Made a dozen of these for my hard-working Hubs!

The girls were entertaining themselves in very creative ways around my ankles. This game is a new one!

Daddy's big shoe turns out to be the perfect sized car for Uniqua!

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