Sourdough “Starter-ing”

by Cheryl on October 3, 2012

Happy Sourdough Starter this morning, after being fed last night.

So, recently a sweet friend shared her sourdough starter with me! I am excited to be learning about this nourishing kitchen strategy. As Lindsay writes on her blog Passionate Homemaking: “Sourdough is very simple. You almost cannot go wrong with it. And it has wonderful benefits for our bodies – making our grains more digestible by breaking down gluten, and neutralizing phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. Sourdough is a process that is detailed throughout Scripture before the invention of commercial yeast – so the use of sourdough is a work of making organisms come alive from flour and water.”

If you’re curious or unconvinced, Wild Yeast is another blog I’ve been reading to learn about the science and benefits.

This morning was my first attempt at sourdough pancakes! I added blueberries and they were super yummy! I’m hoping to grow in my sourdough prowess, so please share any tips, tricks or recipes you love!

Sourdough Blueberry Pancakes

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