Time to Slow Down

by Cheryl on October 17, 2012

Today was full of fun! But I squeezed in too much, and The LORD is showing me that it’s time to slow down the pace a bit in preparation for the arrival of Little Lowe Number 3.

We started the day with a breakfast drop off for Benjamin at his hotel position. He’s been leaving so early for work there in the morning that none of us (early rising) ladies are even awake yet! Then we snuck in 15 minutes of morning playground time before our story time tradition at the library. This playground is just a few blocks from the library and my girls haven’t had much park time due to the heat. We had a great time!

My Hannah LOVES to slide! Check out that static frizzy hair...

Sweet Swinging Hayley Girl

There are several things the girls love about the public library:
1. Automatic Book Drop Conveyor Belt- It cracks me up how much they delight in placing their books to return on the belt and watching them disappear!
2. Aquarium- We usually arrive in time to watch the fish eat their breakfast, and the tank is so big that they just “get lost” in wonder, watching all the aquatic activity.
3. Blocks and “Friends” – Our library has a beautiful children’s wing, and there are over-sized plastic lego toys in one corner with stuffed animals and board books. When the toddlers show up before story time they usually congregate in this corner to socialize and play. Hayley especially loves saying hello and giving big bright smiles to parents and tots alike.
4. Story Time – There are a few different children’s librarians who do a great job of singing short little finger plays and interactive literacy activities with the kids during the toddler aged story time. My girls EAT.IT.UP. They can sing them all by heart and participate wholeheartedly each time we come.

Aquarium at the Library

We usually stop by Trader Joe’s grocery store on the way home from the library while we munch on our lunch, and today I was flat EXHAUSTED while we loaded back into the car. Too much fun for one morning at 35 weeks pregnant I guess. The rest of the afternoon, my body gave a few warning signs that I had done too much. Isaiah is growing so big that I was short of breath just sitting next to the bath tub with the girls tonight! Thankfully making my pumpkin soup doesn’t take much physical activity… (other than being interrupted 25 times to participate in whatever living room toddler activities transpire before the soup process is complete). 😉

Mmm! Pumpkin Soup!

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