The Waiting Game

by Cheryl on November 12, 2012

Little Isaiah’s due date is a week from Friday, and I can officially announce that I am feeling the impatience of those last few weeks of pregnancy. You know, those days when the miraculous wonder of the design of your body to nourish and house another human life gives way to the frustration of swelling feet, difficulty sleeping, and general “largeness….” Not to mention the wonderful anticipation of holding your new baby! I can already tell that Isaiah Benjamin is going to add so much joy to our family. He is adored and talked to and kissed and announced to every cashier Hannah sees, and we have yet to see his sweet face!

Pumpkin Pancakes

While we wait for our new addition, we may as well enjoy the Pumpkin-y Perfection of the fall season… Anyone who has ever held a conversation with me any day from September 1st to December 1st knows that I just can’t get enough :)

My girls are the best lil shoppers! We found these in the toy section at Target to push around today for a few minutes. I love the simple fun we run into!

I’m praising The LORD today for the sweet contentedness of my girls when we are out shopping. A cashier commented to me how impressed they were with their demeanor, and I have honestly taken it for granted. We just enjoying being out together and I’m so blessed and thankful for my sweet Hannah and Hayley girls. I imagine shopping with three will be a whole new ball game… But bring on the baby boy!!!

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