Getting To Sacramento

by Cheryl on January 18, 2013

We are here in Citrus Heights, northeast of Sacramento and settling in. Benjamin will be working at a Chipotle near Sacramento State University starting in a few days….

Our crazy packing, departure, and road trip up was blessed: Our major appliances sold on Craiglist the day before we needed them out, so we used that cash for gas money for our trip. The Mawhiney’s saved the day by bringing more muscles to help load the truck and sweet lunch and company for the littles and me at the park during the process. We were provided a room free of charge thanks to our friend John at the hotel where Benjamin worked his second job at the last minute for the night before we hit the road. This enabled the guys to get everything out of our house completely without having to worry about packing up sleeping gear in the morning – and it saved my toddlers from reeling too long with the strange emptiness of the house when the furniture came out. Our dear friend Katy prepared dinner for us, and Tim flew in to make loading, driving, and unloading possible for a family with youngin’s like us. What a Godsend! Literally! :) Through the transition, my heart clearly recognized the care of the Lord. I felt shepherded and loved by Him as I tended to my little ones while everything around them changed.

We woke up as early as we could to head out and hope to reach The Beam/Pinson home by dinner. Benjamin and I have NOT had positive experiences driving long distances with the girls and were bracing ourselves for the worst. But the kids shocked us by being amazingly calm and happy the entire way! That, my friends, was a miracle. Even though Hayley surprised us with some nasty diaper trouble, she bounced back well and her car seat survived un-harmed. Whew! And Hannah continued with her commitment to the toddler potty seat by using it at rest stops inside the car! Wow! With a trailer behind each vehicle, and a path up through mountains where over-heating was a concern, our trek went as smoothly as it possibly could have. We even had a moment of panic resolved when Hayley rolled down a backseat window that decided not to roll back up. It was very cold that morning and we had no idea what to do. Benjamin turned the car off and when he restarted it, the window rolled right back up! Hallelujah! We arrived just in time for dinner with our friends, who were jumping and waving outside in the cold to welcome us.

I will post more soon on our new life here. We are setting up our little apartment and discovering the area. Bless The Lord for His love and faithfulness. He is all we need!

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