Happy Birthday to Zayzie!

by Cheryl on November 30, 2013

Today completes our first year with Isaiah in the mix! This little boy is such a joy to all. He is very busy showing how aware he is of everything: social interaction, his own desires, the “boundaries” mommy sets…. ahem. :)

Isaiah has a sweet and bright personality. He loves books, kicking a ball, exploring, eating avocado, and when his sisters run or giggle (or shriek! Surprising???) Recently he has shown his first dance moves, deliberately brought a beloved toy to a sister (showing he knows who it belongs to), and kisses and snuggles and hugs any chance he gets.

We celebrated his birthday a few days early on Thanksgiving Day along with Naomi’s 10th Birthday for a Triple Bash!

I’m using his birthday every year as a reminder to get a portrait style shot of each of the little Lowes as the years go by. Here’s what their precious faces look like today:

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