Nearly July with our Little Guy

June 27, 2013
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“Home Ec” on a Preschool Scale

June 23, 2013

I really do adore mothering these little people… Here are a few evidences of Hannah and Hayley practicing motherhood and home-making at ages 3 and 2: The girls and I like to accomplish simple cooking or baking projects together while Isaiah takes his morning nap. (YES, he has finally settled into a morning napping habit! […]

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Play Day

June 20, 2013

Benjamin had the day off and we celebrated by heading to play together at The Sacramento Children’s Museum… one of our favorite spots away from the apartment! He has been working very hard and it was refreshing to take some time to play and laugh.

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June 19, 2013

Well well… I must confess my blogging negligence. Perhaps I can make it up to you with some photos of my cuties to catch you up on things:

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Sacramento Children’s Museum

April 12, 2013

We are so grateful to Bpa and Gramma for our membership to the Children’s Museum here. We are only a 15 minute drive away and love to go during school hours when there are only a few other preschool aged friends inside to play with. Here are some snapshots from today’s visit:

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Mommy’s Little Man is 4 Months Old

April 1, 2013

Isaiah found his voice a week ago or so. One Sunday morning he was sharing his prayers and input quite freely… He is able to “sit” in fun baby furniture like the Exersaucer and Highchair and likes to observe his busy sisters from these new perspectives. Little guy loves to be talked to and gives […]

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Our Isaiah at 3 Months Old

March 3, 2013

There is so much I’d love to share that I’m just not finding time to post here… At least you can see our little mister at 3 months here:

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A week with “B-pa”

February 24, 2013

We were blessed with a visit from my dad this month!! We kept Bpa very busy… He joined right into toddler world with our home made play-doh, reading 100 books a day, outings to the park, and a chance to check out the Children’s Museum here! Isaiah and Bpa got lots of snuggling in and […]

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Isaiah is 2 months old

January 30, 2013

This little mister is sweet sweet SWEET. He seems to have his Daddy’s ability to “roll with the punches.” He is adored by all and is simply irresistible with those big blue eyes! Seems like he might be outgrowing some of his sensitive tummy issues already – good news for mom, who has been fasting […]

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Getting To Sacramento

January 18, 2013

We are here in Citrus Heights, northeast of Sacramento and settling in. Benjamin will be working at a Chipotle near Sacramento State University starting in a few days…. Our crazy packing, departure, and road trip up was blessed: Our major appliances sold on Craiglist the day before we needed them out, so we used that […]

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